How To Clean Your Windscreen

Cleaning A Windscreen

Properly cleaning your windscreen improves vision while driving, maintains your car’s look, and can even help uphold your its lifespan.

At Able Windscreens, we understand the importance of keeping your glass in top condition. That’s why we’ve put together this step-by-step guide on how to clean your windscreen:

What You’ll Need:

  • Glass cleaner: £5–£15
  • Microfibre towels: £7–£20 Each
  • A Bucket: £2–£10
  • A Car Washing Brush: £5–20

Total Cost

  • £36–£50

Step 1: Raise The Windscreen Wipers

Be careful when doing this and make sure that you do it correctly. Incorrectly raising your wipers, or doing so with too much force, can damage or break them. If you are unsure, make sure that you refer to your vehicle’s manual for the correct way to raise them.

Once this is done, you may begin safely cleaning.

Raised Windscreen Wipers

Step 2: Rinsing

Start by rinsing all of the grime and dust from your windscreen. Tip a bucket of water over the glass and scrub down the glass with a brush. Dry off the glass with a microfibre towel before continuing onto the next step.

A Woman In A Cap Rinsing Down A Car's Windscreen

Step 3: Spray The Windscreen Down With Glass Cleaner

Spray the glass down with your glass cleaner. Be sure that you are thorough and that you have not missed any spots.

Spraying down glass with glass cleaner

Step 4: Wipe Down

Wipe your glass down with your microfibre towel. Start at the top and wipe from side to side. This ensures that no spots are missed and that no cleaner can drip down into a space you already cleaned.

Woman Wiping Down The Front Windscreen On Her Car

Step 5: Clean The Inside Of The Windscreen

Move on to the inside of the glass. If it is especially dirty, you can wet a microfibre towel and wipe down the inside first. Then dry it off with another towel.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 when cleaning the inside of the glass.

Cleaning The Inside Of A car's glass

Step 6: Clean the Wipers  

People often forget this part. Make sure you don’t.

Rinse them down if they are especially dirty before moving on to the glass cleaner. Use separate clean microfibre towels to ensure that you are removing dirt, rather than just spreading it around. Make sure you are thorough when cleaning them, as they can pick up a lot of dirt and grime. However, do remember to be careful. Many wipers can be delicate.

A Raised Windscreen Wiper After Having Been Wiped Down And Cleaned

Step 7: Wipe Everything Down

Once you have finished, be sure to wipe everything down with a clean microfibre towel. This ensures that everything looks its best. It also prevents the chemicals in the glass cleaner from sitting on your vehicle for extended periods of time, which is not advisable.

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