Panoramic Glass Roof Repairs

A sunroof is a pretty common feature on multiple vehicles, with panoramic roofs becoming ever more popular in modern cars. Our repairs and replacement services cover all sunroofs, no matter the issue. We don’t just replace the glass; we can also perform an array of fixes for all sunroofs including seal replacements. As specialist skills and equipment are required to carry out these repairs correctly, they should be left in the capable hand of professionals, like us. With many years of experience, you can be sure that your panoramic roof will be back in working order very quickly. With this in mind, choose our qualified and reputable team in Swansea and South Wales today, for an expert service that you can trust!

Panoramic Roof Replacement

Typically made from laminated glass, panoramic roofs are structurally bonded to the car. This glass is very durable and won’t shatter easily. However, when damaged it can become potentially dangerous, not to mention unsightly. This type of roof needs to be replaced to a high standard and by a specialist. Our skilled team of technicians will offer you a professional repair or replacement, so that your panoramic roof looks as good as new.  

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For sunroof repairs in Swansea and across West Glamorgan, get in touch with our team of professional technicians.

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