Top 5 Signs You Need To Replace Your Windscreen

Broken Side Window On A Car

Knowing when to replace your windscreen seems like a simple thing. Most wouldn’t think that they would need telling when theirs needs repair or even outright replacement. Yet, many ignore signs of disrepair. This can lead to more costly repairs or replacements that might have been avoided. Left unattended for long enough, you can even put yourself in serious danger.

Read on for our top 5 signs that you need to replace your windscreen.

A Small Chip

Small chips are the first and most important signs that your windscreen needs serious attention.

A small ship in the side of the glass may seem like an insignificant thing. It could be out of the way, not obscuring your line of sight in any significant way. However, this is only the start. Any visible flaw in your glass represents a fault line though the damage to your windscreen spreads.

If caught early enough, a small chip in the glass can be repaired. However, if left alone it can lead to a visible crack.

Close up of chip

A Visible Crack

This damage, regardless of whether it obstructs your vision, makes repair absolutely necessary.

You may be aware that windscreen glass does not ‘shatter’ in the same manner as normal glass. This is because it is laminated against doing so, making it a kind of safety glass. However, that still does not mean it is safe to drive with a crack in it.

When this glass shatters, instead of showering you with broken glass, it remains stuck together. This is great for protecting passengers, but ruinous for drivers. Visibility will be severely obscured, making any kind of damage in transit a serious risk to anyone inside the vehicle.

Inside Point Of View Of A Driver Side Windscreen Chip And Crack

Missing Windscreen Parts

Strangely, one of the greatest signs that your windscreen needs replacing has nothing to do with the glass itself. Worn, missing, or poorly installed wipers or beading sealant are dangerous to you, your car, and its passengers.

The beading sealant keeps your windscreen secure while in motion. Without it, or with it in poor condition, it risks breaking impact, which can lead to more costly repairs or the need for outright replacement.

Two men installing windscreen

Rattling Noise

If you hear a rattling noise coming from your windscreen, then you should take your car to a specialist as soon as possible. A rattling noise is a sure sign that it is insecure, either from degraded, damaged, or poorly installed sealant. Taking it in for specialised treatment grants the opportunity to repair the issue before further damage occurs.

Left alone, a rattling noise becomes a shattering noise.

Rear windscreen with heat lines

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