How Big Does A Windscreen Chip Need To Be To Need Repairs?

Large crack in windscreen

If your car windscreen has sustained a small amount of damage, it might be a candidate for a quick repair job. Chips are quick and easy to repair, and it’s always a good idea to attend to them as soon as you notice them. This is because they will get worse over time. By repairing chips in a timely manner, you’re saving money in the long run. Chips can lead to cracks, and cracks can develop to a stage where the only reasonable solution is to replace the whole windscreen.

Is It Illegal To Drive With A Chipped Windscreen?

Small chips are common, and can happen as a result of stones flicking up onto the glass during transit. If the chip is within the driver’s line of vision, it only needs to be 10mm in size before it legally needs to be repaired. Elsewhere, chips larger than 40mm will also need repairs. It’s important to keep in mind that chips and cracks on the side windows are also legally required to be kept in line. If there are large areas of damage on your side windows, get them fixed.

Front Windscreen Of A Car With A Large Impact Chip And Cracks Surrounding It
Smahed Rear Window Of A Saloon Style Car

Will A Chipped Windscreen Shatter?

A chipped windscreen certainly is at risk of shattering. However, it’s very unlikely that the whole glass panel will erupt during transit. What’s more likely is for the chip to develop into a crack. Cracks will continue to worsen over time, leaving you with much weaker glass. When the temperature fluctuates during the seasons, the glass can expand and contract. The cracks are then subject to additional pressure, which can result in shattering.

Can A Cracked Windscreen Be Repaired?

Cracks can sometimes be repaired, but only in particular circumstances. If the crack is around the edges of the windscreen, the resin used to repair it won’t work. Therefore, you’ll need to replace the whole piece of glass. If the crack is in the middle, doesn’t run deep into the glass and isn’t very big, it might be eligible for a repair job.

Stone Chip Page Image
car windscreen chip

What Happens When A Windscreen Shatters?

Because auto glass is made up of layers of glass and plastic film, it’s not likely to explode and leave shards of glass everywhere. The plastic film layer serves to protect this from happening, that’s why it’s called safety glass. Windscreen glass is also laminated, so it won’t come away from the frame. Usually, shattered windscreens remain in place but sustain extensive, visible damage.

For Windscreen Replacements & Repairs, Call Able Windscreens

If you’ve got a damaged windscreen and need some help, give us a call. We can assess the problem and give you the best course of action to get you back on the road. It’s important to us that your windscreen is safe and legal, so you can have complete peace of mind when driving your vehicle.


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